Thursday, 8 June 2017

Britain Faces It's Trump Moment: Don't Let Your Vote Elect Our Own Even Worse Version Today

Last November America managed, more or less by accident, to elect a man chronically unsuited to the presidency, a man who told lies throughout the campaign and whose bigotry, incoherence and childish inability to admit that he is ever wrong or has made mistakes should have rendered him unelectable. Oh how we have laughed at their hickish simplicity, their bovine stupidity. How could such a man, however accidentally, have risen to the top job? Well he did it because about 100 thousand people stretched across five states voted for him and the system did the rest. Our own electoral system is not quite so finely balanced. But accidents can happen.

We face the choice today between a serious if uncharismatic woman who, we all know, will do a fine job as Prime Minister and a man so unsuited to the job he only reluctantly took his buggins turn to stand for his party's leadership two years ago. Nobody believed he stood a chance then. He certainly shouldn't stand a chance now. His positions on a range of subjects from terrorism to immigration to defence to Brexit are deeply unpopular, so much so that Labour have refused to talk about any of them as much as possible. As a consequence whatever he tried to force through after being elected by however narrow a margin would have little or no mandate at all. But that wouldn't stop him trying. He has already said that he will refuse to give instructions about use of our nuclear weapons meaning that we could effectively cease to be a nuclear power on Friday morning. Our membership of NATO would be at serious risk.

It remains unlikely that we will see Prime Minister Chauncey this time tomorrow, but accidents do happen. Back when this campaign started the worst danger for Tories was complacency. That remains the danger now too. In 1992 John Major won what remains the biggest popular vote in electoral history in this country other than in last year's referendum. Conservative voters turned out in their millions to ensure that Neil Kinnock was not elected. The need is even more urgent today. Jeremy Corbyn must not be Prime Minister. He would be an unmitigated disaster. Even his own MPs think so. They certainly should not expect anyone to vote for them as a consequence.

Indeed we would all be doing the Labour Party a favour if we give Chauncey the humiliation he so richly deserves today so that even he cannot justify staying in his job any longer. The Labour Party needs rescuing from him as much as does the country. Britain needs a viable opposition. The party of Chauncey, John McDonnell and Diane sick note Abbott is not that party. They should be despatched back to the political fringes with the rest of their fascist friends where they belong, never to darken our doors again.

Many people casting their vote today will do so expecting that Theresa May is going to win. Even if they are voting Labour they will probably breathe a sigh of relief when she does. They may well go through the motions of complaining about the bloody Tories and tut tut about the result, but in their heart they will be relieved that the country had the good sense to reject the nasty, vengeful extremists of Labour's loony fringe and elect the grown-ups. But if this means that you are tempted to vote for Chauncey hesitate. Remember that he will use every vote cast for him as vindication and as an excuse to stay in his job. But more than that remember what happened in America last November and what is still happening today as a consequence. Britain cannot afford these lunatics in charge.

A vote for any party other than the Tories today risks letting them in via the backdoor, in the sort of accident that saw Trump elected. Remember that as you cast your  vote today.

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