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Interlude: Joe Jackson: It's Different For Girls

It's Different For Girls (Official Video) by Joe Jackson on VEVO.

Interlude: 10cc: Dreadlock Holiday

The Bible: A Very Grim Fairytale: Numbers: Chapter 20 - God's Hissy Fit About Water

Dealing with God is a bit like dealing with a very needy and belligerent toddler. Or Donald Trump. He does like to get his own way and if he doesn't there is hell to pay. He'll kill you or give you leprosy if he's feeling charitable. And he can turn on you at any moment. As Moses and Aaron were about to find out.

So the tribe of Israel were wandering around in the desert at the behest of God who had decided that their constant complaining meant that they would have to wander until the whiny generation had died out. A certain amount of time has passed at this point. It's not really clear how much. Oh and Miriam died. We're told this in passing.

Once again the tetchy Israelites who were remarkably slow on the uptake with regard to their belligerent God complained to Moses. Why had they been led from Egypt they asked to this life of misery and hunger. There wasn't even any water to drink they complained, which is the not unlikely consequence of being in a desert you would think.

So Moses and Aaron went to the Tabernacle to talk to God. And God came down to see them again. He told them to take the rod that he had recently given to Aaron to denote him as the chief priest and to go to a rock. There he was to speak to the rock and tell it to produce water.

So Moses went to a rock, gathered the whole tribe around him and he tapped the rock twice with the rod and water sprang forth.

Now for some reason God was angry. There are some who argue that this is because Moses didn't follow his instructions. He told him to speak to the rock but instead he tapped it with the rod. Surely not even God could be that pedantic? Actually he probably could.

Anyway, whatever the cause, God was annoyed with both Moses and Aaron. They had not believed in him and so he would punish them. They would also not live to see the promised land, which seems a bit harsh on Moses in particular.

Then for no reason we get a short digression while Moses has a brief altercation with another tribe whose land they had to pass through. The King Edom said they couldn't pass through his land and that he would attack them if they did. Moses tried to plead with him but the king was having none of it. So they went around the kingdom of Edom and to the Mount of Hor.

Once at this mountain God spoke to Moses again. He told him to take Aaron up this mountain (God has a thing for doing things on mountains) and they were to take Aaron's son with them. There Aaron was to strip out of his priestly garbs and give them to Eleazar his son. Then Aaron was going to die. All for doubting God. Or doing something wrong with his rod. Or something. It's difficult to tell with God.

So Moses stripped his brother and the tribe gathered around. And Aaron died. And they all mourned for 30 days. In the desert. God and his mysterious ways eh?

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Film Review: The Dark Tower

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Film Review: Final Portrait

Film Review: An Inconvenient Sequel

Just to point out that this blog in no way advocates this review. Most films are of course simply a matter of opinion and as such are reproduced here without comment. I may not agree, but hey we can't all like the same things. But in the case of the tendentious drivel put out by Al Gore I have to make the counter point and that is that he has little or no evidence to support the assertions he makes in this film and did not bother to consult acknowledged experts in places like Florida as featured in the film to see what they thought. He makes a film that is thus dishonest and is not at all scientific, however much he likes to suggest otherwise. As such this sequel is much like the original.

Film Review: The Odyssey